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281: Ivanovska ND, Dimov VB, Pavlova S, Bankova VS, Popov SS. Related Articles, Links
Abstract Immunomodulatory action of propolis. V. Anticomplementary activity of a water-soluble derivative.
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282: Crisan I, Zaharia CN, Popovici F, Jucu V, Belu O, Dascalu C, Mutiu A, Petrescu A. Related Articles, Links
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283: Chopra S, Pillai KK, Husain SZ, Giri DK. Related Articles, Links
Abstract Propolis protects against doxorubicin-induced myocardiopathy in rats.
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284: Rao CV, Desai D, Rivenson A, Simi B, Amin S, Reddy BS. Related Articles, Links
Abstract Chemoprevention of colon carcinogenesis by phenylethyl-3-methylcaffeate.
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285: Rapta P, Misik V, Stasko A, Vrabel I. Related Articles, Links
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286: de Castro SL, Higashi KO. Related Articles, Links
Abstract Effect of different formulations of propolis on mice infected with Trypanosoma cruzi.
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Abstract [The role of apitherapy in the combined treatment of patients with chronic nonspecific lung diseases]
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Abstract Chemical composition and antibacterial activity of Brazilian propolis.
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Abstract [Vaginal parasites and acute cervicitis: local treatment with propolis. Preliminary report]
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293: Hansson C, Ezzelarab M, Sterner O. Related Articles, Links
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294: Samoliuk VA. Related Articles, Links
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295: Masterov GD. Related Articles, Links
Abstract [Apitherapy in the combined treatment of patients with pulmonary tuberculosis taking into account the hypophyseal-adrenal system indices]
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296: Arvouet-Grand A, Vennat B, Pourrat A, Legret P. Related Articles, Links
Abstract [Standardization of propolis extract and identification of principal constituents]
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297: Higashi KO, de Castro SL. Related Articles, Links
Abstract Propolis extracts are effective against Trypanosoma cruzi and have an impact on its interaction with host cells.
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298: Drogovoz SM, Tikhonov AI, Slyshkov VV, Sal'nikova SI. Related Articles, Links
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299: Magro-Filho O, de Carvalho AC. Related Articles, Links
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